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Just For Starters Day Nursery Limited


Behaviour Policy
Health and Safety
We wish to encourage all our children to develop into well mannered thoughtful people.
The staff will set a good example at all times and the children will be praised for all "good" and acceptable behaviour.   This positive verbal reinforcement of actions that are considered to be helpful, considerate, courteous, independent, or where a child has persevered or achieved, creates a climate which encourages high standards.  

(A copy of the full policy may be inspected in the nursery)
The staff at Just for Starters Day Nursery recognise their responsibility to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for the children, staff, visitors, students and and other people who come onto the premises.   They will take all reasonable steps within their power to fulfill this responsibility.

You can assist this by supporting the rules and guidelines laid down by the managerment.

(A copy of the full policy may be inspected in the nursery.)
The Directors and staff have adopted the Safeguarding Policy as issued by Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board November 2015.
This means that we have the appropriate procedures in place, and all staff, including directors must ensure that they are aware of these procedures.
All staff have recently undertaken training to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP).

(A copy of the full policy may be inspected in the nursery.)

Promoting British Values
Whistleblowing Policy
At Just for Starters Day Nursery we actively promote the fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those different faiths or beliefs.

A copy of our poster is available below:-

 Just for Starters Day Nursery  is committed to the highest possible standards of
  • openness and inclusiveness
  • accountability
  • integrity in line with that commitment

(A copy of the full policy may be inspected in the nursery).
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that any complaints about the service are handled quickly effectively and courteously and solutions are implemented which satisfy both the parent/carer and the setting.

(A copy of the full  policy may be inspected in the nursery)

We have a Policy Folder in the office, including all our Policies, which is available for parents to view.